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Why On Call Bio New Mexico?

Our Story

On Call Bio New Mexico is a fully-licensed, bonded, and insured cleanup company.  We specialize in cleanup and decontamination of crime and accident scenes, hoarding and contaminated buildings.  As a result, 100% of the work we do involves bio-hazardous waste.  A few examples of what we clean are:  blood and body-fluid cleanup, human/animal waste cleanup, decontamination of diseases like C-Diff or MRSA, and hoarding cleanup.

This work requires both knowledge and experience.  Accordingly, our supervisors are OSHA trained, because we believe it is important to keep our customers and employees safe. 

Above all else, our customer are our first priority!  As a result, we employ caring and compassionate individuals whose main concern is to help and make tough situations better! 



For the safety of our clients, our employees, and the environment, On Call Bio New Mexico is:

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